1. Open SQL Management Studio and connect with SQL Server Authentication. (If you do not have a user account for SQL server authentication, refer to this article: How do I create a User in SQL Management Studio?)

2. The database that needs to be attached, has to copied or transferred from the local PromptTech application installed Data folder to the Data folder of the SQL server instance. (Note: The database file consists of .MDF and .LOG file. Both files have to be copied together)

3. Now from the SQL Management Studio, in the object explorer pane (generally appears on the left), expand  Databases to see all the available databases in that particular SQL server instance. Right-click on Databases and select Attach.

4. From the Attach Databases window that appears, click on Add.

5. Locate the database attached to the Data folder of the SQL Server Instance. (Note: Only .MDF file will be visible, .LOG file will be automatically attached). Then click on OK.

6. In the Attach Databases window, you will now see the database to be attached. Then Click on OK.

7.  Now in the object explorer pane, expanding the Databases will show the successfully attached Database.

8. The database has been successfully attached to the SQL server instance. Now to establish a connection between this attached database and the corresponding PromptTech software application, ensure the following steps.

9. Open the PromptTech application installed folder. Locate the file named DbSetting (.XML file) and open it with a NotePad editor.

10. Now define the DB setting file, 

  • Enter the attached database name in between <Database> and </Database>
  • Enter the SQL database engine name or installed SQL server instance in between <Server> and </Server>
  • Enter the user name and password ( How do I create a User in SQL Management Studio?)that can authenticate the SQL server connection in between <User> and </User>, <Password> and </Password>

11. Then save the DbSetting file and close.

12. As a final step, in the PromptTech's application installed folder, locate the application.exe CONFIG file.

13. The database has been successfully attached in a SQL Server instance and also a successful connection is established between the PromptTech application and the attached database.