Note: User creation in the SQL management studio is required to authenticate users to access PromptTech's application database.

1. Open SQL Management Studio

2. Login to the installed SQL instance by windows authentication

3. In the object explorer pane (generally appears on the left), expand Security and right-click on Logins and then New Login

4. The Login creation window will appear. 

  • Enter the desired login name (for PromptTech's application, the default user name is admin and password is 123456).
  • check the SQL authentication radio button
  • Untick Enforce Password Policy 
  • Click on Server Roles from the left pane. Then check the bulkadmin, public and sysadmin checkboxes. 
  • Click on Ok to save and close the window.

5. Now you will be able to see the newly created login when expanding Logins from the Object  Explorer.

6. Then, ensure the following:

  • Right-click on the database engine and click on Properties. 
  • From the Server properties window, under the Security tab check the SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode radio button.
  • Then click on ok and close.
  • Right-click on the database engine and click on Restart for the changes to reflect in the installed SQL instance. 
  • Click on Yes in the confirmation popup to restart the SQL service

7. A new user with user name: admin and password: 123456  has been successfully created in the SQL Management studio to authenticate the database connection.